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This is the wikia page for video game by Rooster Teeth and Team Chaos; Rooster Teeth VS Zombiens. A game set in Rooster Teeth's Stage 5 studio, where you play fighting zombies and finding Rooster Teeth cast to help you.

What is Rooster Teeth VS ZombiensEdit

Rooster Teeth VS Zombiens is a game for Android and iOS set in Rooster Teeth's Stage 5 office in Austin, TX. A spaceship has crashed into the office, inside the ship is creatures, part zombie part alien, nicknamed Zombiens. In this game you can play as a range of different characters as you fight against the zombies, buying new weapons from vending machines, opening more doors and finding Rooster Teeth Cast to help you fight. Rooster Teeth Sponsors can also enjoy an additional 2 extra characters, by entering a code available HERE if you are signed in as a sponsor.

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Zombie Types

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